putting down bones

on the way to the studio
Things have been full steam ahead for the past week or so and the tracks are starting to take shape.  Finding the right part for each instrument can be challenging, then suddenly it's quite…Read more

drums day 1

We have been doing lots of preproduction for the rest of the songs and now we're finally back recording, yayyyyyy!

Today was all about the big big drums for three different songs that range from jungle-y to jazzy.  We decided…Read more

studio update, and more to come soon

This past summer I started recording a new album at Turtle Studios in Philadelphia.

Yeah that's the first song almost finished... nice colors huh?  It's kinda sweet and crunchy.

This fall we're forging ahead with the rest of the tracks…Read more

a little something from Bar 82

In spite of the rain, a number of people made it out to our show at Bar 82 NYC earlier this month and it was a really great night.  Hopefully we'll be playing there again before long.  Here's a little…Read more

stu-stu-studioooooo! and Bar 82 NYC

So next week, we are booked for the very first recording session on the new album!  We'll be cutting basic tracks for the first song and I can't wait to start bringing this project to life!  What is not as…Read more

releasing a special one-off single this week!

For the past couple of weeks I've been working hard to get something ready -- just a little something that probably won't be on the upcoming album.  After spending all of yesterday locked up with the lovely cello lady above…Read more


So... I had truly thought that I would be back in the recording studio by this past January.  The new songs have been ready to record for quite some time but we are still working out the last details of…Read more

backstage pics from Re:Vision

We had a super time performing in the Re:Vision Series this past weekend in NYC.  I had wondered about having so many dancers on a smaller stage, plus myself wandering through them, but our piece worked well in the space… Read more