more practical magic

I'm grateful to have met some supercool fellow artists here in NYC through playing at a few open mics that Tim Daoust and I have been frequenting.  Once in a while lately I've been dropping by The National Underground on… Read more

snowy warm up

Woke up to a sunny, frosted-over day, hearing the crunch of snow shovels outside...

Heading into the city in a little while to play a set at Caffe Vivaldi and help our friend Tania Stavreva raise funds for her debut…Read more

album release parties!

It's finally time to announce our two big album release events. I am super psyched to be performing both of these shows with a full band, featuring some wonderful musicians who appear on the Circles of Swallows album. These will…Read more

Winter Solstice

It seems that a FB friend is posting from the cave at Newgrange, so this is my Solstice morning:

woa the light is beaming to me through my screen -- thanks Karl!

new single and lyric video - "Old Languages"

The second new single from my upcoming album was just released today!

Along with a lyric video:

I hope you enjoy :) For the rest of 2012, 100% of the proceeds from sales of this single will be donated to…Read more

Mother Nature no happy

As we all know by now, the predicted Frankenstorm indeed turned out to be a monster. Many friends, relatives, and neighbors in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania have been affected.

We were fortunate not to have flooding or power… Read more

Brooklyn Raga Massive and a massive storm(?)

I'm in Brooklyn for now, to rehearse and get ready to start playing live more. Hopefully this will also include playing in Philly (and elsewhere) and continuing to work with musicians in both cities; we'll see how it all turns…Read more

boxes, Brooklyn

So it seems I've boxed up part of my life and brought it to Brooklyn for a while. Don't worry U-Haul, I will reuse this box and all of the other ones.

It's time to put more of a live… Read more

Osmosis Song video peek

The "real" Osmosis Song video is coming very soon! Here's a preview...

video stills by Darcy Lyons


the first single is here! and more album news

At long last I'm happy to announce that "Osmosis Song", the first single from my second album, releases today on, Bandcamp and CDBaby (iTunes, Amazon, and more soon to follow).  Lots of rainy, misty weather on the forecast all…Read more

DIY video! rawrrr

Here are some on-set pics from music video #2 which we've been shooting over the past week or so. I'm working with my friend, dancer and choreographer Darcy Lyons, to shoot and edit this one ourselves. We are using some…Read more