livestream update

Thanks to everyone who's been stopping by my Facebook music page livestreams <3 it's been so lovely to play for you all!

I've been doing these completely unplugged so far -- no mic, no amp, etc.The mandolin in this video is my favorite electric, though, and I like it the best even when it's unplugged. It's been super fun finally to be able to work out some kind of mandolin versions for more of my songs; none of them (so far) were written for the mando and a few of them definitely still have me stumped! But I'm persevering... and very much enjoying sharing that process with you.

In the midst of this distressing time, I have felt so happy to be able to bring a bit of comfort and fun to people. I'd been looking forward to playing some more "in person" concerts... but obviously, right now it's unclear as to when, if, or how we'll be able to return to playing in the same room with others. For now, I'm playing these short sets of originals (and a few covers) every Saturday at 1pm and every Wednesday at 6:30pm (EST) on my Facebook music page -- so stop on by and say hi, if you can :) If you can't make those times, most of the replays are still up for now. Stay safe and be well, everyone.

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