jammin' in BK

I am so impatient to get into the recording studio! but we have to wait for scheduling, etc. so for now I've been working up some tunes to get out and do some gigs with my friend Tim Daoust.  We're trying out some different angles with the songs, in both electronic and acoustic configurations, in order to start taking them out around NYC and hopefully beyond.  I wasn't able to tour behind the first album after being swallowed up by dance back then, so it is really exciting to be working on different possibilities for doing those songs live now.

It's wonderful working with Tim because he can go in any direction that we might want to take this, having a background in electronic music as well as rock and classical/new music composition (among other things).  Plus, he has the fabulous Penny, who helps us out a lot; for example checking to make sure that I have set up my gear properly:


keeping my equipment case warm:

and letting us know when we are not doing anything particularly impressive:

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