photo: Lisa Schaffer

We had such a great time playing for everyone at L'Etage in Philly last weekend. It was soooo cold... many thanks to all who came out, in spite of the weather! It was truly special for me to have so many dear friends, family, fellow artists, and collaborators present. Big thanks to Lisa Schaffer for documenting the evening; there will be more pics on the website soon.

In focusing on the songs and introducing everyone on the stage, I forgot to say much at all about the fact that we were releasing the new album! Duh! I even nearly forgot to announce the video premiere at the end... my brain was just a bit overwhelmed, because of moments like this:

Jim Gallagher, me, Jeff Hiatt, Tim Daoust - thanks for the pic, Jay Levin :)

Here I am with the producers from both of my albums, plus Tim Daoust with whom I've been working for so long on the live stuff now. After spending so much time in the world of my songs with these wonderful people, something like that is just kind of intense.

I am so very grateful to the musicians who are performing these album release shows with me. Rehearsing between Philly and NYC is a bit of a challenge but whatever. I can't wait to bring the show to Drom in NYC this Thursday night.

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