Re:Vision performances in April

So it looks like we will be performing the new dance in a shared program at The Tank in NYC on April 15th and 16th.  The Re:Vision Series, hosted by Forward Motion Theater, features mixed media and interdisciplinary artists, so we will be expanding the piece into new dimensions and my brain is spinning like mad with ideas!  So far we've been working with the dance in silence, but I'm thinking about creating an electronic score for these performances or incorporating spoken word... or maybe, singing.  And/or possibly, video of some kind.  It's quite a challenge to add such elements right now, since I'm really enjoying the simple rawness of the movement we've been making and have been thinking more in terms of showing the dance outdoors and in simple studio spaces at the beginning.  But this is a great opportunity to try some new ideas for the work and to be part of an interesting show.  Anyway, we'll see what happens!  More details about the show are listed on our website Calendar.

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